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Thank you all so much for joining this raffle :heart: Warms my little heart Heart bum 

Just if you're curious, I added the additional slots by basically adding another number to the username, so those who made a journal had two chances to win~~

I also enjoyed reading your journals and I appreciate all the kind words from the very bottom of my heart /.\ Heart Love 

But without further ado...

Here are the results~~ Heart Animation Heart Animation Heart Animation
 Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 8.08.24 PM by LunardreamerEmy

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 8.09.04 PM by LunardreamerEmy

Congratulations :iconrozo-banana: for winning :love:  I will send you your 100 :points: and note you about your headshot prize ~~~

Again thank you all for participating FREE flying hearts IconStay tuned for more art raffles in the future (?) ~~ Your support is all very much appreciated :ladummydate: 

And congratulations once again :iconrozo-banana:~~~ Heart Balloon Emote 

Hey guys!~~ :heart:

Recently I reached 100 watchers and that is a huge milestone for me. ^-^
I truly appreciate all the support for my art. C: I'm very thankful that 100 people, even though most of them are inactive, decided to click on the +watch button on my profile to see my art.

No no no, you guys don't understand xD I have had so many people condemn me for wasting my time on such a useless hobby, which is why your continued support really melts my heart.

So I wanted to truly thank all my watchers and show my appreciation somehow.

One lucky winner will get 100 points each as well as an advanced headshot commission like Headshot Prize for CrazySakuria by LunardreamerEmy

If miraculously a lot of people join this raffle I will consider upping the prices as well as adding more places or extending the deadline:lovesquee: 

To enter -

Animated Color Bullets You must be a watcher of mine. This is a giveaway for my watchers. :heart:
Note: Please only watch if you like my art /.\ I know how you people are xD But just want to keep the empty watches to a minimum /.\

Animated Color Bullets Favorite this journal for your number. I will take a snapshot of the numbers and deviants right when the contest ends so there won't be any skewing of numbers.

Animated Color Bullets If you want, you can make a journal about this raffle. This will give you an additional slot in the random number generator. If you have made a journal, make sure to link it in the comments below and I'll add your additional slot :heart:

Deadline: August 14th @ 12:00 AM EST

*Just to clarify, it's the 12:00 between August 13 and 14 EST

Thank you guys so much for your support and good luck ~~ Heart Balloon Emote 
Author's Note: Hey guys! I know you are eager in getting pen pressure on mac but please don't take action until you read or at least scan over the whole thing, because I have edits on the bottom that may be better than the actual method. So basically, read the edits before downloading anything xD Thanks, and I'll see you on the other side [:

I had been looking for a way to enable pressure sensitivity on mac for a longgggggggggg time, for like 5 or 6 months. I had to have tried at least 10 different methods that never worked. I was just about to die trying, but then, on one magical day, I finally managed to get it. It might have not been the absolutely safest risk-free way, but nevertheless it's worth sharing, i hope.

*Huge disclaimer that if you don't buy the softwares below with your own money then it will be considered pirating. It's risky. 

1. Since we will be downloading torrent files from piratebay, we need a software to open these files if you don't already have one. An software that is like this is Transmission. Use the usual Install software steps, and go ahead and open it. You can also use programs like Bittorent and Utorrent, I just used transmission.

2. Install Parallels. I used Parallels 7. Go to and type in Parallels Desktop 7 (Mountain Lion Compatible). There should be only one link, click on it and click on Get this Torrent. Make sure transmission is running. Install it, you might need to enter the serial number although I didn't need to enter it. It's included. (It works with Mountain Lion X3)

*Edit (6/03/14) : Parallels 7 does not work with all versions of OS X, such as Mavericks. Parallels 9 does work, however, and that's probably the better option between 7 and 9. The one I found with the most seeders is "Parallels Desktop 9 Cracked" By GoogleWolf so just search that up and download it. I will be testing that very soon and keep you guys updated! 

*Edit (6/10/14) : Parallels 9 works flawlessly

3. Install Windows 7 as a virtual machine. I guess you could install Windows 8 but for me Windows 7 worked just as fine. Get Windows 7 here-search up Windows 7 Ultimate Fully Activated Genuine on piratebay and click on the one that says Team MJ. Again make sure Transmission is up.

*Edit (6/03/14) : One that I found that had a magical crap-ton of seeders was a Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate. Depending on if you want the 32 bit or the 64 bit, search these up: "Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (32 Bit)" and "Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (64 Bit)" on Both are by Computer-User. (For the 64 Bit one there are two links. Choose the one with the more than 1000 seeders) Will also be testing these out soon and keeping you guys updated!

*Edit (6/10/14) : Windows 7 SP1 32 Bit and 64 Bit both worked like goddamn charms.

4. The downloads will take awhile, so try to distract yourself with other activities to keep yourself busy. You could even pause your download and resume it whenever you want.

5. After they're done downloading, open Parallels and do the usual installation. (Choose "like a PC") If it prompts you for a serial, the serial should be in the TXT file included in the download. Try to find the folder in the Finder and get it from there. If it asks you to login, just close the window.

*Edit (6/09/14): If you don't like your window to look like a Windows window xD Then you could choose Like a Mac. It should not affect the way the virtual machine works, it only affects the way the virtual machine displays things. If you need extra information on this you could go here to help you decide.

6. It should prompt you to install a virtual machine. Use the dropdown menu and if you don't see Windows 7 iso or something like that, choose "Choose an image file…" And find the Windows 7 file you downloaded. Click on it and click Continue, and the virtual machine should start downloading. If you are prompted for a product key number, just uncheck the box that says "This version requires a product key" and continue.

7. After that,  the windows desktop should appear on your window, and the basic stuff after that is up to you. But for tablet pressure to work, first you have in install your software in which you use your tablet for. This tutorial is mainly for Paint Tool Sai, but it might work with other graphics softwares too. To install Paint Tool Sai, make sure you're still in your windows window, and use this link -------> If that link doesn't work try this one ---------->…

*I personally used a 4shared link, but apparently that 4shared link got taken down. I think those two links are trial versions. Here's another 4shared link that should be the full version ----->… You have to create an account, but literally it takes like a few seconds and I don't know, having the account never harmed me. 

*Edit (6/10/14) The above 4shared link works brilliantly for me. If it doesn't for you then I have another link --->…

8. Extract Paint Tool Sai and open it.(If you get an error saying something about administrative rights or whatever, close that window, right click on the paint tool sai icon and select run as administrator, and then it should work) You can now use Paint Tool Sai! I realized the reason I wasn't getting pen pressure at first was because I never installed my tablet software onto the windows virtual machine. That's the only way the program can work. So I inserted the installation disc while I was on Windows and installed it.

*Edit (6/10/14) : If you're having trouble letting the virtual machine recognize your installation disc, try opening up the Devices Tab on the top and going down to CD/DVD 1 and check whatever disk drive you have. Mine was MATSHITA as I have a Macbook pro, but it can differ from mac to mac.

9. After that, find the "Devices" tab on the top and find your tablet name in the dropdown menu. It's usually a weird combination of letters and numbers. Click on it, and there will be a glitch on your mouse; it won't move with your tablet pen. To fix this mouse glitch, go to the control panel and find your mouse settings. (I just searched it in the search bar) and on the tab "Pointer Options", check the box "Display pointer trails" and you can slide the bar to short to make it less noticeable. That should fix the glitch.

*Edit (6/10/14) : First time I did this in the Edits method, it did not glitch and the pen pressure didn't work. I'm not really sure what happened but I restarted (twice I think?) And then reconnected my tablet in the Devices menu, and then did the mouse glitch thing, and then the pen pressure seemed to be fine. I don't know if you guys also encountered this issue, it might have been an installation error on my part, but just in case. 

10. And there you have it, open up Paint Tool Sai or whatever program you use and start drawing! Sometimes when you connect your tablet while you have the program on, it won't work, but just close and open the program again and the pen pressure will be fine. Make sure you see your Dock, or whatever your tablet's opening thing is when it's connected, on your Windows window, so you can be sure that the tablet is connected to it.

I use this Windows for drawing purposes only, so I'm not very sure what to do for other programs or how to install them. Remember, this Windows is a virtual machine, so it may not have all the functions of the actual Windows 7, but you can run most Windows programs on it, I can assume >.<

~How to fix the "Not genuine" nags that show up after a week~ (Only for the first Windows 7 link. The one I posted under edits does not have this problem, so far.)

I got annoyed at the nags that always popped up whenever I opened Windows talking about some damn "Windows is not genuine" So I tried a way to stop all that.

1. Go to control panel. Search Windows Update and click on it. Click on "View update history" and uninstall update KB971033 if you have it. I didn't, but some people have to uninstall it in order for this to work.

2. Open an elevated command prompt. (Start, type Cmd in search box and click it. A black window with white words should pop up) Type in this command: slmgr -rearm (Space after after slmgr and - but not between the - and rearm)

3. Exit command prompt. Restart TWICE. YES, I SAID TWICE.

4. Now, the virtual machine should be genuine. You can now set desktop backgrounds as normal and the not genuine notices should leave you alone now. Enjoy (:

Edit: You can basically only do it a certain amount of times before you run out of rearms, so I highly recommend using the edit Windows 7 link I posted.

So now pen pressure should work on your mac, the only hassle is that you have to open up parallels every time you want to draw, but hey, the pen pressure is worth it. Also, you have to reconnect your tablet every time you want to draw (The "Devices"--> Your tablet name thing) and then your pressure sensitivity works.

Again, if something does not work or the link gets removed/outdated/whatever, leave a comment below or you could even send me a note and I will try to help you as soon as possible. 

*Keep in mind that I'm not a master of the computer. I'll try my hardest to help you on whatever you have trouble with, but sometimes I just can't help you. Hope you guys understand >.<

Happy Drawing :]

EDIT: Yes, I put up a website with non-torrent Windows 7 files earlier, but those links all required a serial number. For anyone who has a serial number, it's… but for anyone who doesn't, the only way that I know of currently to get the Windows 7 file is the torrent download. Unless of course, you get a cracked serial code or something, but I'll be honest I don't really know how to do that.....


United States
Icon made by :iconrireiku:

Emily / Emzy / Em / Emy

I am currently just a student with big dreams. Art is my passion, and I enjoy drawing as a hobby and a source of stress relief ^^"

Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my little fantasies :heart:


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If you enjoy my art then feel free to donate ^-^

Points go to amazing and undiscovered artists or just amazing people in general C:

I appreciate all your support :heart:

Thank you <3

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