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Hey guys :heart: Up with another feature! This time's theme is my friends hahah <3 They deserve so much love <3 
//I'm well aware i missed two months so I will triple up don't worry x///D
Enjoy :heart: 

:iconkaflesunealartist: KafleSunEalArtist || Gallery
Sunil works with ballpoint pens and does it extraordinarily well. He draws some very beautiful portraits of celebrities and just people in general <3 And he's also amazingly sweet and kind and friendly, and is really open to suggestions on how to improve his art. He's amazing :) Please give him some love for his lovely artworks :heart:
Barbara Palvin by KafleSunEalArtist Illustration by KafleSunEalArtist Tiger roaring by KafleSunEalArtist Lana Del Rey by KafleSunEalArtist Taylor Swift by KafleSunEalArtist

:iconamaranthicalrose: AmaranthicalRose || Gallery 
Amaranthia is one of the sweetest people I know and she's always supportive of her fellow artists and friends ^-^ She really is such a darling <3 <3 And her artwork is absolutely amazing! //was the biggest honor to art trade with her <3 <3 She has a very unique style <3 And look she's hosting a contest right now with delicious prizes <3 Be sure to give her lots of love :love: :heart: 
Art Contest (OPEN) 6000+ Points+Art PrizesI'm finally doing my first contest to celebrate reaching 250+ watchers.
There will be 2 categories: 
Draw my OC(s) (Original Characters)
Design an OC
You don't need to be a watcher (but I would appreciate it)Please comment/fave this journal, so I know how many people are interested.I would appreciate if you shared this contest, but it's not mandatory.You can enter as many times as you want, though you can only win one main price in each category.Comment or note me your entry (so I'll be sure to find it)No 18+ artwork please.Only enter your own artwork, collaborations are fine but the prize will be split.Bases are allowed for the design category (it's about the design afterall)Your entry can be traditional (please take a good photo/ decent scan) or digital, 2D/3D, pixel,...
End Date: November 6th
1. Draw my OC(s)
For this category you have to draw one or more of my characters. 
If you have an
 CE: Magic Light by AmaranthicalRose AT: Leiko by AmaranthicalRose  Fading by AmaranthicalRose Demoness by AmaranthicalRose

:iconhollowheartlessizsak: hollowheartlessIzsak || Gallery
Adalia is such a sweetheart, really she has supported me through everything and she's so friendly with everyone <3 <3 Ughh but she's so undiscovered that it makes me irritated sometimes hahahah her art is absolutely breath-taking and fantastic o-o :heart: And her beautiful commissions are open too ^-^ And she has beautiful adoptables that are also open and looking for a home :heart: Go give her lots of love <3 <3 
Art Trade - Trent for Captain-Gelowaggle by hollowheartlessIzsak Taurin for Godsgirl on PW Finished by hollowheartlessIzsak Panda and Cat Contest Entry by hollowheartlessIzsak TeamAoi Paigeeworld by hollowheartlessIzsak Val - OC - Senseless by hollowheartlessIzsak

:iconsantosvh97: SantosVH97 || Gallery 
A-ah well José is my lovely boyfriend and really words can't describe how utterly amazing he is <3 By just visiting his profile you can see that he is friendly to everyone and he supports all of his friends, he literally is always the first one to comment on all of his friends' deviations hahah. And look, he is a traditional god <3 <3 Please give him all your support <3 
Ace 2.0 :P by SantosVH97 Rin Okumura by SantosVH97 Kaneki Ken by SantosVH97 The heart of the sun (bad version) by SantosVH97 Hitsugaya Toshiro by SantosVH97

:iconbella-nutella1223: Bella-nutella1223 || Gallery
Molly is so cute and sweet and I don't get to thank her enough for being so nice and wonderful <3 We don't talk much now but it doesn't mean I can't still enjoy her art <3 <3 She's so sweet and anyone would be lucky to be her friend :heart: Be sure to give her lots of love because she deserves it :love:
Attack on Titan by Bella-nutella1223 Kirito Drawing by Bella-nutella1223 Engraving..? by Bella-nutella1223 Chinese Girl by Bella-nutella1223 Self Portrait by Bella-nutella1223

:iconsmileymaste: smileymaste || Gallery
Ohh Sonia we don't have any classes together this year but that doesn't mean I forgot about youuuu <3 Dear you deserve all the good in this universe, and even that won't be enough for your amazing personality <3 Sonia's striving to become an artist and I know she can get there :D She has such great potential and talent and imagination it's amazing <3 <3 Please give her all of your support :love:
Taylor by smileymaste To-LOVE-ru Darkness x Hidamari Sketch by smileymaste Guild by smileymaste Queen's Blade x RAIL WARS! by smileymaste Kuki by smileymaste

:iconmaryberrie: maryberrie || Gallery
Lol I've known Mary for the longest time and she is C-R-A-Z-Y. I know instead of listening in class she draws ;D And look her drawings are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. She's talented at everything and she's super nice and lovely, especially to strangers because she's mean af to me D'x But I'm sure you will like her as she spreads positivity like a virus x''D Be sure to give her lots of love :heart: :heart: :love:
Sofiel - Angel Form by maryberrie Steampunk Girl by maryberrie Angel Girl by maryberrie Feel the Music, Be the Music by maryberrie Car Rides are Boring by maryberrie


United States
Check me out on instagram -- <3 <3

Icon made by :iconrireiku:

Emily / Emzy / Em / Emy / Miss-chief

I am currently just a student with big dreams. Art is my passion, and I enjoy drawing as a hobby and a source of stress relief

Also a ticking time bomb of fickleness ;3

Feel free to stop by and start a conversation :heart: I will literally talk about and answer anything. Literally. Try me ;D

Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my little fantasies :heart:

My lovely and amazing boyfriend /.\ :iconsantosvh97: i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox :heart: >////<


Fate - Improvement Redraw by Erisiar
by Erisiar

To start with, this is a phenomenal piece that brings out the power of colors to impact the viewer and the artist. The way the colors f...

I'm sorry. Shall I say goodbye? - Speedpaint by Daikazoku63

To me, this is a piece of artwork that reflects imagination, expression, and a dream-like wonder. From the fade of warm to cold in the ...


LunardreamerEmy has started a donation pool!
648 / 5,000
If you enjoy my art then feel free to donate ^-^

Points go to amazing and undiscovered artists or just amazing people in general C:

I appreciate all your support :heart:

Thank you so much /.\ <3

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Happy Pocky Day! by LunardreamerEmy
Happy Pocky Day!
Happy Pocky Day guys <3 :3
Just a quick sketch I wanted to do to at least draw something again <3 <3 <3 And it was pocky day so i was like hey why not draw me and :iconsantosvh97: ahahaha /.\

I'm sorry i'm not updating as often but I'll try and work on some art from time to time /.\
//still need to work on making speed sketches look good lol /.\ 

Enjoy <3 <3 
Reflections Entry - Release by LunardreamerEmy
Reflections Entry - Release
Hey guys <3 This is my 2015 "Let your imagination fly" reflections entry called Release <3 I originally drew this just as a fun art piece but I was not expecting to win first place visual arts in my grade for my school ;u; Futaba Embarrassed Icon 

And this was my artists statement: 
The woman is an adult, with a dull and colorless atmosphere to reflect how adults are encouraged to forget their imagination because it's "childlike" and "fanciful" in nature. When she opens the dull cage containing her imagination, butterflies of all colors fly out, painting a sky and coloring wherever it touches because imagination is something that's supposed to make your world full of color. Such a small cage can release a whole sky's worth of imagination because imagination is vast and endless when it isn't incarcerated. The Butterflies symbolize transformation and rebirth, as now she's released from her gray cocoon and is reborn with her imagination.

Ahh I hope you guys enjoy <3 <3 
Contest Entry ~ Draw this again by LunardreamerEmy
Contest Entry ~ Draw this again
Contest entry for :iconrising-artists:'s contest Draw this again <3 
Link to 2015 version:
Link to 2012 version:
Template created by the lovely :iconbampire: <3

Well i hope i made it in time lol but even if i didn't it was fun to make /.\ <3 
//Lol still need to work on hand anatomy 
Enjoy <3 <3 
(OPEN) Adoptable - Steampunk Archer by LunardreamerEmy
(OPEN) Adoptable - Steampunk Archer

Hey Guys :heart: ~~

You guys might remember this as a contest entry to frolof's contest, Fern. He's no longer here to do what he likes with the design, so I'd like to sell it as my first adoptable <3
//I'm working on a design of another adoptable currently so stay tuned <3 

    Bullet Blue Please do not resell for more than what you bought it for
    Bullet Blue Can gift
    Bullet Blue Can change the name or alter the design
    Bullet Blue Please don't claim the character design or artwork as your own
    Bullet Blue Winner will get the full unwatermarked version as well as the ownership of this character
    Bullet Blue Paypal only this time

Starting Bid: $20
Minimum Increase: $1
AB 1: $45, I will include a digital chibi version like
AB 2: $60, I will include a an alternate outfit design as well as concept hair designs

Auction ends on 1 week after last bid :heart;

I will let you know if you have been outbid, and I will let you know if you are the winner. At that time I will request you send the payment and then I will send you your full unwatermarked version Heart bum 

Thank you so much and enjoy :love: i got your heart 


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