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Fate - Improvement Redraw by Erisiar
by Erisiar

To start with, this is a phenomenal piece that brings out the power of colors to impact the viewer and the artist. The way the colors f...

I'm sorry. Shall I say goodbye? - Speedpaint by Daikazoku63

To me, this is a piece of artwork that reflects imagination, expression, and a dream-like wonder. From the fade of warm to cold in the ...

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United States
Check me out on instagram -- <3 <3

Icon made by :iconrireiku:

Emily / Emzy / Em / Emy / Miss-chief

I am currently just a student with big dreams. Art is my passion, and I enjoy drawing as a hobby and a source of stress relief

Also a ticking time bomb of fickleness ;3

Feel free to stop by and start a conversation :heart: I will literally talk about and answer anything. Literally. Try me ;D

Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my little fantasies :heart:

My lovely and amazing boyfriend /.\ :iconsantosvh97: I love you :heart: >////<


Hey guys! :heart:

I know a lot of artists, especially those who are just starting to do commissions, have lots of trouble with pricing. Most artists tend to undersell themselves, which just breaks my heart because I know they deserve so much more for their hard work and amazing drawings. /.\

This is a pricing guide written by :icongoth-kath: It's an absolutely amazing resource for those who are trying to determine prices for commissions. I highly recomment you check it out :) 

Tuesday Tip: A guide to Pricing ArtHi~! Its Goth-Kath here. Inspired by a question send to us at Rising-Artists for our advice column I wrote this , hopefully, helpful guide to Pricing Your Art.
I want to apologize up front for any and all spelling/ grammatical mistakes. English is not my first language and I normally get it checked but there wasn't any time now. Sorry.
(Don't worry Kath, ya Warchief's got ya back~)
So with that said. Lets jump into it~! Whether you have been doing commissions for years, work as a professional artist or are just starting out, it might be good to give this journal a read.
We all know that pricing art is tricky and often difficult because we do not only price work rationally, but also emotionally. Many artists cope with self-esteem issues when it comes to their art, and start selling it for way less than its worth. This is actually a bad thing, when many artists undersell their work, it will hurt the general art economy. Artists who dare ask for more will be confronted w

Feel free to send this to anyone who's deciding on prices or just share it in general!

Thank you :heart:
Art Trade: Demoness Process by LunardreamerEmy
Art Trade: Demoness Process
Hey guys :heart: 

//WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN POSTING ANYTHING //gets pummeled by tomatoes
hahaha >////< sorry guys school has kept me so busy T_T

Some of you have been asking for an example of my lineart and some have been asking for the process, so here's kind of an overview of how I did my latest art trade <3 

Finished product ---->

Let me know if you guys want to see more of this in the future :)

Enjoy :) <3 <3 
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    3 years as of now

  • What does your username mean?

    Well.... honestly when I made this account I didn't give it much thought :confused: I was just trying to find a username that was available xD But Lunar = moon , Dreamer = what I considered myself , Emy = Nickname of mine

    *I've been trying to change it for awhile //

  • Describe yourself in three words.

    Hot, chaotic mess

  • Are you left or right handed?

    Right --- working on being ambidextrous

  • What was your first deviation?

    Innocent Girl by LunardreamerEmy Hide Under Rock 

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Honestly, if I could choose between Traditional and Digital, I would, but I can't :dignity-laugh: Traditional is so much easier to control but Digital turns out so much better, at least in my case /.\ I usually use a bit of both in my drawings, drawing out what I want traditionally then scanning it in and drawing over it using digital. I love both, and I will always continue to use both Heart - Free 

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Pastels LOL I love pastels

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Well --------- I'd like to think I give everything a fair shot I can shoot without a gun But I think it's digital art pieces, their thumbnails tend to be more in-your-face :love: Traditional arts as well, because they're just beautiful :heart: I think it's mostly visual art :)

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    Ugh there's too many but my all-time favorite must be :iconrimapichi: because her art is just :faint: Also :icontincek-marincek: faint 

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    :iconsantosvh97: FREE flying hearts Icon Also I would love to meet :iconamaranthicalrose: :iconkaflesunealartist: :iconiridescentcatalyst: :iconhollowheartlessizsak:

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    Ahh I will always appreciate and love the support of all my watchers :heart: 

    :iconsantosvh97: has made this website all the more special to me and you know---- he's a huge part of my life now and I love him :love: o-o I MEAN AHEM WHAT----

    :iconamaranthicalrose: and :iconhollowheartlessizsak: I always appreciate your support and I will always continue to support you ^-^

    :iconiridescentcatalyst: was super friendly to me when I just started out and he's made the experience of dA great ^-^

    Haha :iconmaryberrie: Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free Frown fella (Smileys) 

    :iconsmileymaste:Golden dA Emoticon drawing 

    :iconbella-nutella1223: Kyo 

    They all know how wink grin Wink Wonk 

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Pencil (.5 or .7), PITT artist pens, colored pencils, ink pens? Tablet

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    In my own little room listening to my favorite songs playlist and sipping on a cup of coffee Relax 

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    I think it was uploading my Art trade: Demoness deviation and being truly proud of uploading it ^-^ >///<

    I have a lot more though :heart:

    Thanks for reading /.\ Heart Balloon Emote 

Hey guys :heart:

Before I go into depth about this, before any of that, I just want to let out a huge disclaimer that I am not advocating for either cause. I am not a website expert, nor am I a finance expert. Nor am I saying that I have an inside look to how deviantart works or I know why they are doing this kind of thing. Also I'm not trying to spark up a heated debate about this topic. I'm just trying to provide some insight and hopefully get some insight from you guys.

First and foremost...

Let's talk about the elephant in the room

Seemingly everyone or rather a majority of people are against this new core membership. This core membership has almost doubled the price of regular premium membership and seemingly has less features than the original premium membership. Paired with the whole obscurity of the recent art theft discussion posted by dA itself, people are starting to have thoughts of leaving. 

What I tend to realize is that dA's art theft and copyright discussion follows a lot with the copyright laws of the U.S. Deviantart follows these copyright rules to a certain extent, with this copyright policy in trying to protect artists and their right to their own art, even though people tend to raise an eyebrow at such incidents as this

Now, core membership has gotten the site in a complete frenzy. People are complaining that the site has gone from caring about the community to caring about money. To which I say... that really surprising?

Okay let me back up here. Deviantart isn't only a website, it isn't only a community, it is a company. Companies need to earn their keep in order to keep the website running, and here's an amazing, in-depth journal to give this core decision some perspective. Granted, I don't know if the whole purpose of Core is to raise funds, but I do understand why it could happen, after this journal from a former staff member talking about the issues of the rebranding of the website and then spyed's comment on the journal a little bit before Core was introduced, describing the issues dA is facing as a company.

Again, this is the amazing journal that provides some perspective on Core from an unbiased point of view. I highly reccommend you check it out.

If you're serious about boycotting, read this 

This is a journal from someone who is okay with Core.

A lot of people are saying that it isn't because of the cost that's making them hate the core, it's the fact that dA seems to not care about what the community wants. Or the fact that dA never gave a heads-up before changing it.

Well...if dA had given a heads-up, would you have supported it

I'm not too sure of the answer myself, but I do know that companies can't please everybody. Everybody is different, there are going to be people for or against a specific cause, there is really no way to get people to come to a complete consensus. People are different with different opinions and values, and that is okay.

And sometimes change happens and people immediately rile against it, and that's okay. It makes it open for discussion. 

If you do not support Core, this is a petition to go against it, and there are multiple groups that have surfaced that are anti-Core. 

The first time I saw the whole core thing arise, I initially thought that it was some way to make an artist community within the artist community. And that's what it kind of seems to be. Although this is becoming the new premium, I don't feel like it takes away from the experience of the website or the community. Of course, this is coming from a non-premium member, so it definitely affects me less. All I'm saying is that if dA really did indeed make a mistake with this Core campaign, it would be a wise decision to change it back. If this campaign turns out to be beneficial, (in funding dA or in helping the artistic community) however, maybe it could possibly change the website for the better.

Not all changes can be beneficial in the end, but not all benefits can be seen at first glance.

What do you guys think?

//I will update this with more links and outlooks as we go on so you guys can be well-informed. 


LunardreamerEmy has started a donation pool!
632 / 5,000
If you enjoy my art then feel free to donate ^-^

Points go to amazing and undiscovered artists or just amazing people in general C:

I appreciate all your support :heart:

Thank you <3

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